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About Hypermarker

Hypermarker is a research project aimed at personalised pharmacometabolomic optimisation of treatment for hypertension. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding innovative solutions in the field of hypertension treatment. We strive to combine the latest scientific research with a patient-centric approach to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Summary of the Hypermarker approach. It shows that Hypermarker is the first large-scale study of pharmacometabolomics for hypertension treatment. It aims to offer personalised treatment and improved blood pressure control. During the study, a validation of clinical decision support model will be performed. Overall, Hypermarker will lead to a cost-saving treatment and will reduce the burden on patients and health care system.

The research concept of Hypermarker can be outlined in 4 phases. Each of them is planned to last for about a year.


First phase includes the collection of clinical data and blood samples which will be analysed for their pharmacometabolomic profile in Leiden.

In the second phase, a predictive model will be generated at Birmingham University based on the results of this analysis.


This model will then be validated in the third phase in a small clinical trial to test if the model can be used in clinical practice.


In the fourth and last phase, a clinical decision tool and companion diagnostics tool will be designed. These could be later commercialised.

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