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Welcome to Hypermarker

Hypermarker is a research project focused on personalised pharmacometabolomic optimisation of treatment for hypertension. Our aim is to identify the most effective treatment for hypertension based on an individual's unique metabolic profile.

Our Research

We're on a mission to revolutionise hypertension care. Our team leverages cutting-edge tech to personalise pharmacometabolomic solutions, paving the way for healthier lives.

Tonometer with a red heart on a blue background; device for measuring blood pressure

What Inspires Our Work?

For half of hypertension patients, treatment proves ineffective, and the reasons remain elusive. Our mission is to unravel this mystery.

Our Leadership Team

What Makes the Project Special?

"It's one of the first times that we use the metabolome to see whether we can predict the response to treatment."

Diederick Grobbee

News & Updates

Stay in the loop with our Hypermarker news and updates by following us on X (formerly known as Twitter) and connecting with us on LinkedIn.

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